Our laboratory activities comprise the following 4 fields:

Calibration of sand laboratory equipment

We calibrate all types of sand laboratory equipment, including adjustment and monitoring of confirmation intervals. The laboratory is interconnected with the state metrology system by means of regular calibration of our measuring devices at the Czech Metrology Institute, including the 600-RO-0678/97 registration. We have also successfully undergone interlaboratory comparison. The laboratory has introduced the system in accordance with the ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Czech standard. We are part of the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 company system. We offer advantageous contractual calibrations to our steady clients.

Delivery and maintenance services for devices

  •     New devices:
    • We are authorized trading representative of the firm BENETLAB Italy (testing devices for moulding and core mixtures)
    • In co-operation with the H-Glost firm, we offer devices of the Polish firm Multiserw-Morek
    • KERN, RADWAG (complete assortment of weighing equipment)
    • PRECISELEKT (laboratory sieves, including repairs, cleaning, accessories and calibration)
    • FRITSCH (laboratory sifters)
    • KRAINTEK (ultrasonic baths)
    • laboratory furnishings, furnaces, driers, pH meters, thermometers, glass and othersRefurbished and modernized equipment
  • Refurbished and modernized equipment
  • equipment maintenance services, including medium repairs and general overhauls (we can hire a substitute device to you for the period during which the repair is being performed), including driers and furnaces
  • equipment modernization
  • delivery of complete laboratories (ready-made)
  • (also long-term) hiring of equipment
  • re-purchase of laboratory equipment

Laboratory tests

We focus on determination of basic material parameters and technological characteristics of moulding and/or core mixtures. All tests are performed using regularly calibrated instruments in compliance with standardized or otherwise validated testing methods. Some tests are performed by our contractors, which are renowned domestic and foreign laboratories. A part of the tests is also evaluation of the resulted obtained and eventual recommendations.


  • consultations in the field of sand laboratories, focused mainly on localization and disposition of the laboratory, laboratory equipment, convenient methods applied, staff training, evaluation of results etc.
  • courses for sand laboratory technicians – in our laboratory or at directly at the customer