Gas scrubbers

Application of the Cold Box Method in manufacturing foundry cores results in excellent technological parameters of the mixtures, high productivity and castings featuring high-quality surfaces. On the other hand, the operating personnel has to handle hazardous tertiary amines, which, given their nature, must be exhausted and captured. To secure efficient purification and removal of these amines from the exhausted air, we are supplying absorption facilities, so-called gas scrubbers, employing the sulphuric acid aqueous solution as an absorbing agent.

As the air which is exhausted from the core shooting machines contains not only amines but also dust particles, a dry separator must be included upstream of the absorber, to remove the dust. A fan is mounted downstream of the dry separator to blow the air into the absorber, where the alkali amine is captured by the acid absorbent (pH < 2). Thus purified air is discharged via an outlet airway into the atmosphere.

The absorber is designed to form a compact unit comprising following parts:

  • inferior circulation tank with the absorption liquid plus an emergency catch tank
  • inlet piping with a spray nozzle
  • absorption column with a special tower packing, spray nozzle, drop trap and output head
  • circulation piping system with a vertical submersible pump
  • measurement and control system
  • electric control unit

The device is designed for unattended automatic operation. The control panel includes all necessary controls and signalling elements to inform the operator about the aggregate operation, medium replenishment and attainment of limit or technical breakdown conditions, if any.

The device is being developed and supplied in cooperation with EVECO, s.r.o. and ELKOSO spol. s r.o. he overall disposition of the device is designed individually, taking into consideration the specific process conditions and the customer’s wishes. Based on our experience gained in the implementations performed thus far, we are able to guarantee excellent purification efficiency as well as a high operating reliability.