Non-quartz opening materials

For thermally stressed moulds and cores, where the properties of quartz sand are no longer satisfactory, we offer non-quartz refractory opening materials featuring higher cooling capacity, penetration resistance and lower thermal expansion. The opening materials come from leading foreign manufacturers.

Zircon sand - the sand grain features ideally round form, almost identical size and clean surface with high chemical inertness to iron oxide at high temperatures.

Zircon flour - the flour fineness most frequently asked for and supplied is 200 mesh. We can deliver 150 to 400 mesh on request. (The "mesh" unit = number of sieve apertures per square inch). In addition to foundry practice application materials we supply zircon intended for the preparation of refractory materials to be used in steel, glass and refractory fibre, brake lining and ceramic frit manufacture. For the deliveries of zircon sand to the Czech and Slovak Republics, we are holding sole trade agency of Richard Bay Mining (Pty.) Ltd. company.

Chromite sand - it features the highest cooling capacity among natural non-quartz opening materials and is very easy to regenerate by a magnetic method.

Olivine sand - this opening material is particularly well-suited for manganese steel casting. It is also used as a blasting medium for surface blasting finish, as it does not contain free SiO2 causing the lungs silicosis.

Quartz opening materials

Our production uses quartz sands exploited in the localities of Střeleč, Šajdíkove Humence and Haltern (Germany). The sands are available to you if you need a small volume delivery in order to satisfy your emergency need.

Foundry chemistry

Diacetin and triacetin - acetic acid and glycerine liquid esters, intended for self-setting mixtures with water glass or phenolic resins – Alphaset technology. Each of the hardeners features its individual reaction incubation period:

Diacetin - for short bench life of mixtures

Triacetin - for long bench life of mixtures

Combining both of the hardeners makes it possible to control the curing rate so as to obtain the required mixture bench life.

Auxiliary products – gluing and smearing paste for moulds and cores made by cold procedures, separation agents for mixtures of all types, ingredients for elimination of foundry defects.

Material Data Sheet

More detailed information on foundry chemistry products is available on request.

Zircon sand

Chromite sand

Olivine sand