Core sand preparation

One of the most important conditions in manufacturing quality cores of required characteristics consists in applying suitable core sand of specified composition. The dosing accuracy and reproducibility of all components plays an increasingly important role, particularly in the cases where up-to-date binding systems are employed. Our offer includes:


High speed sand mixer EM-30

  • a novel-design device featuring dose-operation with a dose volume of 30 kg and pneumatic-cylinder-controlled discharge gate
  • application of a triple mixing arm improves the mixing efficiency, thus reducing the mixture preparation time

Opening material dosing unit

A) employing the volume dosing principle

  • comprises a steel casing with filling and discharging gates, sand level detectors and control valves
  • is intended to be located between the daily storage bin and the mixer (gravity filling), or, if the case may be, in combination with a pneumatic conveyor

B) employing the weighing method:

  • the mixer is mounted on strain-gauges
  • several opening material types can be combined in a single dose

Low-pressure pneumatic conveyor

  • operates in conjunction with the opening material dosing unit
  • feeds the opening material dose into a mixer situated over the core shooting machine hopper
  • best suited for low-ceiling production halls

Binder dosing unit

A) with a calibrating injection nozzle, employing the dosing measurement principle

B) employing the flow measurement principle

  • one or two branches with dosing pumps depending on the technology used
  • dosing into the mixer via a piping system with a self-cleaning injection valve

Binder level stabilization unit

  • designed to refill the binder into the daily storage bin from a container
  • its design employing a pneumatic diaphragm pump
  • and stainless steel piping interconnection

Control unit

  • it is designed to govern the entire core sand preparation process and to control operation of each device
  • to carry out the different mixture recipe settings in the control panel and save them in the memory
  • allows to build an unattended automated system of the core sand preparation

The device deliveries are executed in close cooperation with ELKOSO spol. s r.o.