We have been dealing with the sand core manufacturing and deliveries since 1994. The cores are made on upgraded shooting and curing machines on the basis of Cold Box technology. The machines are designed as semi-automatic, the shooting cylinder volumes ranging from 2.5 to 16 litres. In special cases, we manufacture the cores manually, from furan-bonded mixtures.

Our production process is oriented, above all, to the following:

  • small to medium-sized cores
  • simple-form cores in large production series
  • complex-form cores in small-size production series
  • specially designed cores for single-piece production of castings

In our manufacturing process, we are employing quartz opening materials, with the mean grain size ranging from 0.14 mm to 0.35 mm. For special-purpose and extremely heat-stressed cores, we are using mixtures containing non-quartz opening materials, such as chromite and zircon, or, if need be, various opening material combinations and special additives intended to suppress casting defect occurrence.

The core shooting machines and gas generators we are employing are controlled by industrial-grade control units. The machines are provided with safety guards and exhaust systems. Exhausted air is purified in a dry separator and an absorption gas scrubber.

For our products to be transit-damage-proof, we have developed a reliable packaging technology. The packaging system secures that the cores are treated gently even when transported over long distances.

Our customer service includes also consulting and advisory activities covering all arrangements needed for the core box production process as well as the technical support introducing and running new technologies. We are able of conducting all development works resulting in the design of the core box, shooting nozzles and air vents layout so as to secure the production of high-quality cores featuring all required characteristics. In such cases, the development is finalized by our supply of a core test series for the casting production start-up and the first casting evaluation by the customer.

In the field of coremaking and supply we have become a distinguished partner to a number of foundries both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Thanks to our current capacity as well as our staff’s involvement, we are able to meet even the most demanding customer’s requirements.

Main reasons for your ordering the core production being performed in our core shop:

  • no large-scale investments are necessary in the foundry
  • there is no need to bother with environment protection issues
  • stable and high quality of the cores supplied is guaranteed
  • deliveries within negotiated deadlines, as required
  • core production costs are defined exactly