Gassing Units

Cold processes proved to be particularly well applicable in the core production. In the course of these processes, core mixtures are cured in core boxes by an external action, namely, gas blowing. Of these methods, the Cold Box technology (tertiary amine based curing) and the method employing gaseous CO 2have proved to be the most important and frequently used ones. Our offer for these technologies includes the following:

Gassing units for Cold Box method

A plant comprising a high-performance light-alloy-made evaporator and a pneumatic diaphragm pump for exact amine dosing is available. The device design and elements allow accurate setting of curing conditions for different core types. Parameter setting is carried out by means of push-buttons in a multi-function display; the respective values can be saved in a memory. The generator start-up is remote, being timed by the core shooting machine cycle. After the start-up is completed, current data and the curing cycle progress are shown in the display.

Based on thus gained experience, we are justified to guarantee minimum amine consumption and a high operating reliability of the devices.

Our offer also includes combined generator types for tertiary amines and CO 2. In the CO 2 mode, dosing pulsation may be set up and the gas preheating may be used, thus reducing the curing gas consumption.

CO2 dosing devices

Exact CO2 dosing devices for core and mould mixture curing are available. The devices provide impulse gas dosing, which results in better gas utilization during the curing reaction and reducing the gas consumption.

The devices may be used in both the production process and the sand laboratory. The device may be supplemented with a heated pressure reducing valve, which is needed for connecting it to a pressure cylinder, on request.

The device deliveries are executed in close cooperation with ELKOSO spol. s r.o.